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Harcrest Stoneware Pitcher

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     This set of pitchers is called Harcrest Oven Proof Stoneware and it is also known as Marcrest Oven Proof Stoneware. The Western Stoneware Co. in Monmouth ILL produced the pitcher. The design on this stoneware is refer to as “Colorado Brown Daisy and Dot Pattern” the stoneware was used as a promotions item by service stations, grocery stores, and movie theaters. This design was introduced in the mid 1950’s. The larger pitcher would be used for water, milk, tea, etc. and the small pitch be used as a creamer, syrup, etc.

Larger Pitcher 6” tall x Base Dia. 5” x Top Dia. 4” x Spout to handle 7”
Small Pitcher   4” tall x Base Dia. 3” x Top Dia. 2.50” x Spout to handle 4.50"
Weight:  5lbs.
Item History
     This set of matching pitchers came into the family by my mother in the 1950’s (not sure how she got them) and was used at the dining room table on a dally bases.  Milk would be in the lager pitcher and syrup would be in the little pitcher.  We were in Arizona at the time she got them and moved to Idaho in the late 50’s early 60’s they were not used much in the 70’s.  I the early 80’s after my mother passed away they were never used again and have been packed away for the pass 35+ years. They are in excellent condition (the big Pitcher has some wear on the spout) other than that there is no chips, cracks, stains of any kind as if they were bought and unpacked yesterday.


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