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Heart Shape Bud Vase

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$ 15.95

     This is a 1982 Heart Shape Bud Vase that was putout by the Florists Telegraph Delivery Association which is known by most people today as “FTDA or FTD or FTD Florist.” In August of 1910, FTD started as a non-profit cooperation between 15 florists who agreed to exchange their out of town orders through the telegraph. Since 1965, the "FTD or FTD Florist" now stands for “Florists' Transworld Delivery” the origination dropped the “A.” There are no maker’s marks on the vase however; most of FTD vase was made in Secia, Portugal. This is a gorgeous Heart Shaped Bud Vase with ribbons running down the outside of the vase. The vase was made using a three-part glass mold and ether was machine blowen or machine pressed. The bottom of the vase has “F.T.D.A , 1982 (year it was made), and a “C” in a circal. It is made of thick glass with top rim and bottem rim being rounded. It is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, fleabites, nicks, repairs, or stains.

NOTE: My definition of antiques or vintage items is anything that is made in 1966 or earlier in time. This item is a collectible item because it was made between 1967 to 1987.
Dimensions:  2.50”x 2.75”x 7.50”H
Weight:  1.90 lbs.

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