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Imperial Canapé Milk Glass Rose Plate

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$ 65.95

     Here is a very rare find, a collector delight, it is an "Imperial Canapé Vintage Milk Glass Rose" cake plate. It has scalloped edge and a raised pattern on the front and back of the plate. You may wonder why this plate is rare when there are a lot of these plates on the market. The other Imperial plates have two blooming flowers and five buds on the front, however this plate has three blooming flowers and nine buds in addition most plates are 10.5”dia. and this plate it 12.5”dia.   Looking at the back of the two plates the more common 10.5” plate has on the back one flower in full bloom one flower in half bloom and five buds in each of the three sections. The 12.5” plate has two full blooming flowers and three buds in the three sections. The center of the 10.5” plate has one big full blooming flower in the center on the back and the 12.5” plate does not. The superimposed “IG” marking is the most famous (I is super- imposed over the G) the Imperial Canapé design was started in 1951. This plate is in Excellent Vintage Condition and has no chips, cracked or defects.

Dimensions:  12.63"x 12.63"x  1"H
Weight:  5.50lbs.

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