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Japanese Geisha Girl Porcelain Plate

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$ 57.95

     This Japanese Geisha girl porcelain plate with a scalloped rim was made in the Meiji Period, which was from 1868 to 1912. It is a hand painted images of four Geisha girls and elaborate landscape scene on the plate. It has gold trim on the scalloped edge, with gold design around the edge below the gold scalloped edge. My great grandmother owned it and it had a tag on it which had 1898 written on it. It has on maker marks on it, which means that it was made and came into this country before 1891. In 1891 U.S. government pass legislation-requiring makers marks on all import products for resale in this country. My great grandmother was not Japanese’s so my best guess is; it was made in or around 1874. This puts it into the Meiji Period from 1868 to 1912. 

Dimensions:  10.25”x 10.25"x 1.125”H
Weight:  1.90 lbs.

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