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Jim Beam White Marble Decanter

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$ 17.95

     This is a 1971 Jim Beam White Marble Liquor Bottle Decanter that has a Greek discus thrower on both sides. It is part of the McGill Olympic commemorative edition that was made from what is called Slag Glass. Slag Glass dates back to the 1880’s and it resembled marble rock and comes in many colors. It is also, referred to as mosaic glass or marble glass. The McGill collection was made in Canada and was imported by the Jim Beam Company. On the bottom of the decanter is “Liquor Bottle, D-334 over 118 71 which is over 7”. The 71 stands for the year it was made. The raised image on both sides of the decanter is an Olympic discus thrower with a Greek coliseum in the background. It is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, repairs, fleabites, or stains.

NOTE: My definition of vintage items is anything that is made in 1966 or older. This item is a collectible item in my books because it was made between 1967 to 1987.

Dimensions:  4.25”x 3.50”x 13.25”H
Weight:  2.20lbs.

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