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Mckesson Boric Acid Jar

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$ 8.95

     McKesson & Olcott Company which was first establish in 1833 in new York city.  A few years later the company change there name to McKesson & Robbins and is known today as Foremost-McKesson Inc. The McKesson & Roddins company were a wholesaler and importer. of therapeutic drugs and chemicals and became one of the first wholesale firms to manufacture drugs. The jar was used for Boric Acid power. The jar was made by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company at their Clarksburg West Virginia factory. The jar was produced in 1937 and has the Owens-Illinois Glass Company maker mark on it. On the bottom is a 4 for the plant it was made at, a 7 for the year it was made (1937) and a 5 followed by a dot (this code is unknown) along with Owens-Illinois Glass Company mark which is a “I” inside of the oval with the diamond which is around the edge of the jar’s bottom. There is one more mark on it that is in the center of the jar, which is a pharmaceutical scale symbol. The jar is in excellent condition no chips, cracks, fleabites, scratches, or staining.

Dimensions: 1.63”x 1.63"x 2.25”H
Weight:  0.30 lbs.

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