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Month Blown Decanter

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$ 34.95

     This is an early 20-century 36oz. month blow decanter which was blow in a two part mold. No maker marks on the decanter so Glass-maker is unknown. Pattern on the decanter is also unknown I was not ability to location the decanter style, design, or pattern anywhere in my searches. The decanter stopper is also month blown. I do not think it is crystal, but could be. The seams on the bottom of the decanter have been polished smooth. I believe that it was made around 1900 to 1910 for the main reason there is many small bubbles in both the stopper and the decanter glass. Machine blown glass dose not product bubbles as month blow glass does. Each glass company at that time had their own version of the pinch decanter. To make matters worse there are several other versions of this decanter that also has unknown origin. The decanter is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, fleabites, repairs, or stains. However, the stopper has some chips on the bottom other than that it is in excellent condition with no cracks, fleabites, repairs, or stains.

Dimensions:  5.50”x 8”x 10.50”H
Weight:  1.10lbs.

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