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Hand-Painted Seashell Dish

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$ 25.95

     Here is a Seashell hand painted scallop dish. It is ceramic and it is in very nice clean condition with no chips or cracks. It does show some wear on the top wear the 22k gold is gone. No real maker marks on it that I could recognize. It may have been handmade I do not know could not find any information on the dish. It has stamped in the clay before it was fired 1969. I do not know if that is the date, it was made, or if it is an identification make, therefore I am classifying it a collectible to be on the safe side. This disk is very fragile the buyer may want to have shipping insurance on it. I would recommend it.

Dimensions:  4.50” x 4.75” x 2”H
Weight:  2.50lbs.

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