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Shapes of Clay Plaque

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$ 49.95

    This handmade plaque is a part of a series that was made by Stan Langtwait, using Mt. St. Helen ash and was called the “Shapes of Clay.” Mt. St. Helen blow its top in the spring of 1980 covering the great northwest with a layer of ash from inches to feet deep. This scene of a skier on the slop of Mt. Rainier is one of many plaques that was made by Stan Langtwait and there are no two plaques exactly alike. It comes with its own stand or it can be, hung on the wall with the slot in the back. This is a unique piece with an exceptional history. This item is in excellent per-owned condition with no chips, cracks, stains, or repairs. The blowing of Mt. St. Helen was a onetime thing 30+ years ago and it has settled down for now. This plaque was not made on assembling line and has the great possibility of become a valuable item in the future. It was mainly sold in the northwest and I do not think that there are not a larger number of them on the east side of the Rocky Mountains. My area reserved about 6” of ash form Mt. St. Helen and I live about 600 miles from Mt. St. Helen. The sky was so dark that the street lights came on in the middle of the day, it looked like a snowy day with 80 deg. temperatures that spring day.

Plaque 7.50”x 6.75”x 0.50”H
Stand 3.38”x 3”x 3.50”H
Weight:  2.2lbs.

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