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Silver- Plated Hollowware Dish

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$ 29.95

     This silver-plated hollowware dish was made by the Wilcox Silver-Plate Co. The company was first called WILCOX BRITANNIA Co. In 1867, the name was changed to Wilcox Silver Plate Co. in 1898 the Wilcox Silver Plate Co. became a subsidiary of the International Silver Company which in time became the world’s largest co-op manufacturer of silverware. The International Silver Co. is not an independent silver company. The International Silver Company was formed by a number of smaller silver companies that came together to form the International Silver company. The Wilcox Silver Co. product electro gold and silver-plating on nickel silver or white metals. The marking on the back has written on it Wilcox S. P. Co. and below that on the cross bar is International S. Co. and in the center is cross hammers. This marking is not a well known mark. The maker marks help to identify the date of an item, if you can has any markings on the item. This silver dish was made sometime between 1889 to 1910. The silver-plate on the inside of the dish shows some wear, other than that the dish is in excellent condition.

Measurements: 6.75” dam. On the top – 3.75” dam. At the base x 1”H


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