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Single Hole Punch

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$ 25.95

     This is a Wilson Jones Co. single hole punch for office us in the 1930s. It would punch about a quarter inch hole in paper products so they would fit into a folder or binder. The first 3-ring binders was first used in the 1930’s which was invented by the Wilson Jones Co. and the company is still in business today selling office supplies like paper punches binders, paper, etc. The base is cast iron and the handle and punch is stainless steel. It is in good working order and does not need oiling. There is some rust on the punch, on the underside of the base.  Also on the underside of the base is “OIL OCCASIONALLY WILSON JONES CO 116” which was put into the mold before casting the base. After the 116 there is a hand stamped “—“with the number “10” hand stamped on the iron base. The 116 is the casting mold number the 10 is unknown.  It was painted Navy gray.

Dimensions:  4.13”x 2.25”x 4.25”H
Weight:  1.50lbs.

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