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Vintage Vista Power Supply Converter

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$ 44.95

     For sale is a pre-owned vista 120v. AC-60 Watt Vintage Power Supply Converter made by Clifford Industries Inc. in Van Nuys California. This is one of the earlier models of the Vista Power Supply Converter I could not find out much on the Power Supply and even less on Clifford Industries Inc. What I did find out, is the company had filed an Article of incorporation with the State of California, which is no longer active. This was filed in August 3, 1976 and now they are a ghost company that has no records that they were even on the planet other than the products, which was left behind. This Power Supply Converter has a input is 120v. AC at 60 Watts and the output is 12 v. DC at 4 Amps. It dose worked at the time I tested it and believe it is still working. It has no dents in the casing however the finish is scratches and a small amount of rust on it. Looking at its construction and its weight, I would guess that it was made in the early 50’s sometime.

Measurements: 5” x 5” x 3.5”H


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