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Zenith Tibet Almond

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$ 11.00

     This small tin container once held a stick of furniture polish. The Zenith Chemical Works in Chicago, Illinois is the maker of the polish and was advertises and selling the polish from 1908 to 1970. This container and polish was product and sold in 1908. Zenith claimed that the polish would hide “1,000 scratches, you can't break it, you can't spill it, and it never soils the hands, or spoils the carpet.” The polish that was in the container was one round solid stick that was a little smaller than the container. Some of The print on the container is the direction on how to use the polish and a caution. The paint on the container has some worn. There are no dents in the container and the container is in excellent condition for its age.

Measurements: 1.75”Dim. x 3.25”H


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